Tuesday, October 20, 2015

On October 21, Greece will showcase itself at the Expo Milano 2015, providing all visitors with the opportunity to find out about Greek products, the benefits of Greek food and the Mediterranean Diet.

In the course of Expo Milano 2015 (May 1 to October 31), every participant country is offered the opportunity on one specific day, named national day, to present itself through various promotional activities. 
To promote this year’s theme, "Greek Food: Sharing the Flavors of Health", the Greek Pavilion has organized a number of events taking place in the open space of the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster as well as in the Pavilion grounds. 

 The theme is based on the inherent wisdom of the Greek diet as a universal standard for the production and consumption of food products that are affordable and delicious, that have stood the test of time and that, above all, promote health.

The main characteristics of Greek cuisine relate to the main theme of the Expo, "Feeding the Planet – Energy For Life", with the Greek diet known for its endless range of plant-based dishes and for recipes that vary according to season and region.

The key message is simple: The Greek diet is as healthy as it is indulgent; it is a diet of joy, of sharing, of celebration; it is a diet to enjoy with friends and family, a diet that boosts life.

Designed to express the elemental forces of the earth, the relationship of man to nature, and the need for a sustainable future, the Greek Pavilion expresses an approach that combines the best of traditional practices with the best of what technology has to offer. 

Within this framework, the Greek participation aspires to create a welcoming feeling to its visitors and familiarize them with cooking traditional and modern Greek meals, accompanied by remarkable Greek wines.

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