Tuesday, June 30, 2015

“Greece continues to guarantee the highest quality of tourism services to its visitors, who have ranked Greece as one of the best destinations worldwide,” Alternate Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura said in a statement yesterday, adding that the country still is and will “always be a favourite destination for holidaymakers.”

Whilst a bank holiday (yesterday) and capital controls lasting a week till Monday 6 July were announced by the government last Sunday (June 28), they do not affect foreign visitors making transactions or ATM withdrawals with debit or credit cards issued abroad.

According to the tourism ministry, there are adequate fuel supplies as well as products and services so that visitors’ holiday experience of will not be disrupted anywhere in the country, either on the islands or in mainland Greece.

British tour operators are offering guests in Greece the chance to buy cash from resort representatives in a bid to reassure clients that holidays are not affected by development in the country.“In view of the announcement about the closure of banks in Greece for the next week or so, we want to reassure our guests that there is no reason not to travel to Greece, both now and in the coming weeks,” says chief executive of Olympic, George Michalias.

The German tour operator TUI (TUIGn.DE) said on Monday its packages were unaffected by the restrictions, and that Greece remained one if its most popular destinations. "For our customers, this (the crisis) not an issue," a spokesman said.