Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stated that Greece will stand on its feet and survive despite the difficult times, in an interview yesterday (29.6) with public broadcaster ERT. Tsipras emphasized that a clear vote against austerity would help Greece negotiate a better settlement to the ongoing crisis. “We’ll survive, we’ll stand on our feet, we’ll be alive and we’ll choose in a sovereign way what our future will be like,” Tsipras reiterated during the interview.

Asked what he will do if Greeks choose “Yes” in the referendum, he made clear that he will be present, will respect the people’s verdict, and will initiate procedures “so that what people voted will become a law of the state... but we will not be the ones to carry it out," hinting that he would not stay in office to oversee more cuts. As regards the intentions of the institutions on Greece, Tsipras commented that he did not believe creditors wanted Greece out of the eurozone "because the cost is immense."
Thousands of people gathered outside Greek Parliament in Syntagma Square Athens yesterday in a show of support for the government proposals. A protest rally organised by those calling for a yes vote is due later today in Syntagma Square.