Friday, June 12, 2015

The exhibition Gods, heroes and athletes: Body image in ancient Greece runs through July 25 at the Regional Archaeological Museum of Madrid. The exhibition features a total of 95 artworks, including the first Kouros to be exhibited in Spain. A Kouros is a large male statue depicting the youth of the ancient Greek world in the Archaic period (800-480 BC), which precedes classical times and ends with the first Persian invasion.

In this exhibition, the Kouros is from the Ptoon sanctuary of Apollo in central Greece, which is considered one the most important Greek oracles up to the time of the Persian Wars. 

The visitor will also see marble sculptures, terracotta and bronze items, reliefs, and everyday life items displayed alongside copies of relevant sculptures from Spanish museums. The items exhibited are loans from the National Archaeological Museum of Athens and the Archaeological Museum of Tripoli (Central Peloponnese). The items were originally found in Attica, Greece, Central and Southern Italy (Etruria and Magna Graecia), as well as the Iberian Peninsula. They date from 600 BC to 100 AD.

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