Monday, November 9, 2015

Mount Olympus Summits 360° Project is an endeavor by photographer Babis Giritziotis to create a virtual tour of Mount Olympus's summits rising above 2000m.

"My intention is to show a little of its beauty to all those who have not yet visited Olympus yet, and my point of view to those who are frequent visitors", he narrates.

The project, which began last September, calls for more than 50 ascents to the summits and a minimum of 200 days of residence onsite, expected to take more than 12 months.

Capturing summit views throughout the year will give the opportunity to website visitors visually experience the splendour of the legendary mountain all seasons with just a click. 

Mount Olympus, listed as a World Natural Heritage Monument by UNESCO, has always inspired not only photographers but filmmakers as well. "MT OLYMPUS: A century on the mountain of Mortals", a feature documentary in development, describes the first ascent to Mt Olympus in 1913, highlighting at the same time information that shaped the history of Greece in the course of the last century. 

Another ambitious assignment entitled "Did the Greek Ancient Gods ever get cold? Defining the history of Holocene glaciations of Mount Olympus, Greece", aiming to study the evolution of Mt Olympus glaciers and paleoclimate changes, is also under way. 
Moreover, a series of rock climbing projects, including the summation of climbing activity through an upcoming publication of "Mount Olympus Climbing Guide", are also lined up for the season to come.