Monday, October 26, 2015

After the successful presentation of Drops of Breath, the underwater performance that took place in Cape Sounio on September 2015, Drops of Peace – the echo of Drops of Breath – takes place October 25 - 27 at the gardens of the Vorres Museum

Drops of Peace is a dance-visual-interactive-site specific performance created by choreographers Sophie Bulbulyan, Lia Haraki and Apostolia Papadaki, in collaboration with artists from France, Cyprus and Greece. 

The work is a walking performance in nature, a reminder of the powerful nature of man and of life becoming art. The artists bring the water, sounds and images from the video material of the underwater performance to be projected on trees, walls and bodies. They become movers that connect the liquid and the solid, the wet and the dry. 

Drops of Peace is part of "The Underwater Heart of the Mediterranean", a multi-disciplinary performing arts project in the Mediterranean, aiming to promote the values of equality, respect, transparency, human rights and environmental protection by exploring peoples’ similarities as if "they share a common breath and a common heartbeat".