Thursday, July 2, 2015
  • Alain Lefèvre & Athens State Orchestra
French-Canadian pianist Alain Lefèvre will be performing at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, on July 6. The artist, much-loved by Greek audiences, will play Edvard Grieg’s ever-popular Piano Concerto, the apogee of lyricism and poeticism. In the second half of the programme, the Athens State Orchestra under the artistic director, Stefanos Tsialis, will immerse the audience in the introspective, dark world of Gustav Mahler’s Fifth Symphony, taking the audience on a journey from the darkness of the first movement to the triumphant, life-affirming finale.
  • Young Greek Choreographers @ Peiraios 260
Young graduates of the Greek National School of Dance are making their first appearance at the Athens Festival, at the Peiraios Building, on July 7 - 8. Angeliki Trombouki "converses" with Michael Heupel, one of the leading young Greek cellists, in an exploration of the relationship between movement and music. Agni Papadeli-Rossetou in her solo performance will go into a series of poetic transformations with the aid of the site-specific costume that encloses her.
  • A Female Philoctetes @ Michael Cacoyannis Foundation
Aquila Theatre from New York will stage its new production, A female Philoctetes, at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation tonight (2.07). Based on Sophocles' homonymous tragedy, the play captures a reality for all combat veterans who have been physically wounded and explores ethical dilemmas, as dynamic and relevant today as they were to the Greeks 2500 years ago. Aquila Theatre, which aims at making classical works accessible to the greatest number of people, worked on this ancient play, re-imagining the title role played as a female combat soldier.
  • Festival of Performing & Visual Arts @ Rhodes Medieval Town
The 3rd Festival of Performing & Visual Arts, organised by the Theatre Anapoda (Upside-down) is running at St. George’s Bastion in the Medieval Town of Rhodes, until July 5. The programme includes seminars on crafting animating masks, by the Anapoda Theatre, on contemporary dance and improvisation, by the Krama Dance Company, as well as a metamorphosis workshop for children, by Stella Matala, and Stelios Klapakis.