Friday, June 26, 2015

Eurozone Finance Ministers are meeting again in Brussels tomorrow for further negotiations, following yesterday’s impasse failing to produce an agreement releasing bailout funds for Greece that could be rubber-stamped by Euro leaders, who are now pressing for a debt deal on Greece by Saturday 

"Leaders expect the Eurogroup to conclude this process at their meeting on Saturday," EU President Donald Tusk said early Friday (VIDEO), after chairing an EU leaders’ summit in Brussels. 

Addressing a news conference following the summit, Chancellor Angela Merkel said that "All the leaders supported the idea that everything must be done to find a solution on Saturday," whereas President Hollande underlined that “… France will set itself to work so that we can have a universal and durable deal". 

On his part, Premier Tsipras reminded that the history of Europe was “full of disagreements, negotiations and at the end, compromises", expressing confidence that a deal will be reached. Greece insists on a specific reference on the issue of debt relief as part of any accord.