Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Philotimo Foundation invites us to join them in a fascinating quest for the Greek secret of Philotimo (video). The project began in 2011 and attempts to fill an epistemological gap in international bibliography on the complex, and central to the Greek cultural identity, concept of philotimo.

The first step involves crowd-sourcing, that is an international open invitation to source definitions and stories on philotimo towards its universal understanding, and will be running until 21 March 2015 with an aim to collect as much relevant data as possible. One may contribute by answering a few simple questions.
  • About Philotimo
Manos Hatzimalonas, founder of Philotimo Foundation attempts to explain in an interview for Huffington Post: "According to noted sociologists, philotimo is the Greek core cultural value encompassing all others. (…) It literally translates as ‘love of honor’ and lies at the heart of Platonic and Aristotelian ideals of character virtue and good citizenship, such as civility, integrity, empathy and other self-developmental and virtues that describe the complete human personality in harmony with the state."